How to Market your Business

Running a business means taking care of lots of little things. Sure, success depends on the big things, such as your strategy, marketing and technology. But sometimes we could use a bit of guidance on how to better handle the little things to make our business lives easier.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

Develop and practice your “elevator pitch,” a brief sentence to describe what your business is all about. Use it when you introduce yourself to others, at business mixers, meeting with prospects. You’re more likely to land a customer and get referrals if you can clearly describe what you do.

Build a database of your current and former customers or clients. Get in the habit of tracking every customer interaction, not just orders, and their specific needs and concerns. Then you can personalize your offers, emails and rewards.

Whenever possible, expand the number of contacts you have at each client company. Other divisions may have additional opportunities. And your current contacts may change jobs. Get to know additional decision-makers.

Join your trade association. Participate in the local chapter if such exists. Attend a national industry convention at least every two or three years. Subscribe to and read an industry magazine or email newsletter.


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