Start Ups



noun: startup

  1. the action or process of setting something in motion.
    “the start-up of marketing in Europe”

    • a newly established business.
      plural noun: start-ups; plural noun: startups

      According to Wikipedia, the definition of a startup company (startup or start-up) is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business., and usually refers to a company, a partnership or an organization.The exact definition of “startup” is widely debated, however at their core most definitions are similar to what the U.S. Small Business Administration describes as a “business that is typically technology oriented and has high growth potential” ( companies can come in all forms and sizes. Some of the critical tasks are to build a co-founder team to secure key skills and resources.The challenges a new Business Owner face are plenty; once he or she has decided to ‘go out on their own’, they will often find themselves lost for the next step. And not knowing what questions to ask in order to move forward is the hardest part!We can help with the basics of your startup.Our services include (and are not limited to):

      • Helping you decide on your new business name
      • Getting your Tax ID
      • Setting up your books, so that all expenses (and later income) get properly recorded
      • We can help you hire someone and make sure you have the required documents and that you pay them according to the IRS guidelines
      • Getting you set up on Facebook
      • Getting you your own URL
      • Setting up your Website
      • And more!
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