Does your Website convert visitors to customers?

A study found that of all Fortune 500 websites, 63% have content above the fold, 50% feature a scrolling content window of some kind and 63% use high quality images that connect with their users. These website elements are crucial to converting curious visitors into customers. Here is a breakdown of these elements:

  • Place important content “above the fold” – Above the Fold is a traditional newspaper editing rule that said newspapers would sell better if the top content, photo or story of the day was placed above the fold of the newspaper.  This teases the reader with a quick glimpse of the best content inside and entices them to buy the paper.This same concept, also called “above the scroll”, is now used in website design to describe the content that appears first on a website: the content at the top of the page before a viewer has to scroll down to read on.  Content that sits above the fold or scroll should be short, sweet and sum up exactly what your potential patient is looking for. You have a short window of opportunity to convince a new customer to choose you over all other options, so it’s imperative your website makes every effort to give them what they want, when they want it.
  • Use high quality images – Google values and rewards websites that feature high quality content and images.Whether we want to believe it or not, people make snap judgments when they view your site and images can speak volumes.  You can purchase high-quality stock images for your site or better yet, use a high resolution camera and use images of you, your staff, your office, or your work for your site (with everyone’s written permission of course).

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